Dr. Abdur Rehman Jami is a  mathematician with an intensive background in teaching, and research which has been accumulated over almost three decades. He earned his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the United States of America and holds a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics. He has served in many institutions including University of Sharjah, Modul University Dubai, American University in the Emirates and Jumeirah University Dubai as a Professor of Mathematics & Statistics. He also served in the Pakistan Air Force as a SPSSC officer – Flight Lieutenant. Also engaged with Global Learning Centre, UAE as a Professor.

Under Applied Mathematics, he has extended his research and work in diverse areas, ranging from Statistics to Astrophysics. Dr. Abdur Rehman is also an author of a book titled “Beauty and Mathematics,” and many journals and articles have been issued over the years. He recently got published five papers with an impact factor of 1.308 or higher and reviewed book on Statistics for Management and Economics by the Cengage publishers,USA.