GLC offer various doctoral / PHD degree programs

Important feature of our PHD/DBA Programs

Getting a highly acclaimed and coveted doctorate degree program from a reputed university is a dream for every professionals! This requires dedication and commitment to make one of the most significant decisions in life.

Hence GLC also offers the Coveted Doctorate Degrees, accredited and recognized from the respective agencies for those seeking Professional Stature in their career and life. We offer it from the Azteca University, Mexico and Lincoln University College Malaysia, fully facilitated and guided by our qualified supervisor’s / faculties.

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Our Doctorate Degree program is designed for executives and professionals who are placed at higher positions in the organization’s and has the desire to polish their skills and management portfolio to uplift the company’s stature. Doctorate Degree Program is available in online or part-time study modes and are available in wide field of specializations.

The Doctorate Degree program has been developed and delivered in affiliation with Azteca University, Mexico which is an accredited and recognized Institution from different agencies throughout the world. The research work is facilitated through well-developed resources, personal tutor and research guide support. This learning and research experience challenges the aspired professionals to sharpen their critical and analytical expertise. It will help in developing the research skills to become an expert in the respective field’s with a proven ability to think outside the box. The program is designed to fit in to the busy schedule of the executives which of-course will not have interference into the work-life-learn balance of the individuals.

Some of the Research fields are as under
Doctor of Philosophy in Management (PhD)Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (PhD)
Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)Doctor Philosophy in Economics (PhD)
Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations (PhD)Doctor of Philosophy in International Law (PhD)
Doctor of Philosophy in Law (PhD)Doctor of Philosophy in Social Science (PhD)
Doctor of Philosophy and Humanities (PhD)Doctor of Education (D.Ed.)
Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Science (PhD)Doctor of Philosophy in Health Sciences (PhD)
Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Medicine (PhD)Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health (PhD)
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (PhD)Doctor Philosophy in Computer Sciences (PhD)

1. Lincoln University College (Luc), Malaysia is fully government recognized
Recognized by KPT (Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia) and MQR (Malaysian Qualifications Register)/ MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency).

2. Malaysian Qualifications Agency (Mqa)
All the Degrees awarded by LUC are recognized by the National Accreditation Board (MQA) - (Malaysian Qualifications Agency) of Malaysia.

3. The 5 Star Setara – 2019
Lincoln University College has got “The Certificate of 5 Star Setara -2019”, is awarded by Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia.

DBA / PhD Program (In Various Discipline)PhD programs where the GLC students are enrolled or have completed their Doctorate with other accredited and Recognized universities. Lincoln university college Malayisa (LUCM) will accept Credits earned and will issue its degree according to the laws and regulations of the university (LUCM).