About Qualifi

As a recognised UK awarding organisation regulated in England by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), Qualifi is able to give assurances to employers, centres and learners of consistent, rigorous, quality standards and valid, valued learning.
Credits earned at Qualifi are acceptable by almost all UK universities and at other Colleges & Universities across the globe.

Progression Route:

  • Qualifi Level 3 diploma provides opportunity to the student to register for Level 4&5 for onward journey towards Higher Education either with Qualifi or with any other awarding body or the University for the Bachelors programs.
  • Qualifi Level 4 & 5 diploma can be Top-up to BA online degree from UK¬† University through GLC University.
  • Qualifi Level 7 diploma can be Top-up to MBA degree from University of Gloucestershire¬† through GLC University.