Accreditation is a review process to determine if educational programs meet defined standards of quality. Accreditation is not permanent, it has period ranging from one, three to five years and at the end of the term accreditation process takes its course again.

Accreditation assures to all parties concerned that education provided by the “accredited institution” is of quality as it is as per the standards of institutions meeting the set criteria of a third party usually the regulatory body or third parties approved by the regulatory bodies to conduct accreditation.

In simple terms accreditation is like a third party audit verifying that the institution has and documented system and is following & meeting the set standards as laid down by the regulatory or authorized body.

All our partner institutions are accredited by the respective regulatory bodies at the place of their domicile and hence are accredited, assuring the quality of education as per the set and documented system verified by the regulatory body or its approved agent.