Edexcel BTEC

Edexcel is the UK’s largest awarding organization, owned by Pearson group the world’s leading learning company, with 35,000 employees across 70 countries worldwide, their products and services are used by millions of teachers and learners around the world every day, offering academic and vocational qualification to schools, colleges, employers and other places of learning in the UK and internationally. Edexcel offers academic as well as vocational qualifications which also include BTEC from entry level to Higher National Diplomas. BTECs are recognized over 120 countries worldwide.

Students are able to top up Edexcel/ BTEC qualifications to a Bachelors/Master degree with almost all of the UK University besides acceptability across the globe.

WHY BTEC -Edexcel:

BTEC Higher Nationals are planned to offer a professionaloccupational programs, linked to professional body requirements and NationalOccupational Standards where suitable.They offer a strong, corporate sector-related prominence on practical skills developmentalongside the development of necessary knowledge and understanding.

The BTEC Edexcel course has got the competitive edge over the others as it provides the students with more profound understanding of the challenges and scenarios which are inevitable to encounter by students when challenged in the job market, besides having a globally recognized Diploma equivalent to two years of education of a bachelors program in any University.

Completion of assignments due to its strategic design and requirements by the BTEC Edexcel qualifications provides to all learners a meticulous grounding in the key ideas and pragmatic aptitudes required in their segment and their national recognition by employers permits direct movement to employment, besides providing excellent opportunity to top up this diploma to a Bachelors degree just in one academic year.

The Pearson BTEC HNC and HND in Business offer a movement course to the expert capabilities offered by different expert bodies in the corporate world.

Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals in Business have been produced to concentrate on:

  • Providingtraining and education to a scope of careers in business, for example, administration, personnel, advertising, bookkeeping, marketing, human resource, law and so on.
  • Giving a general capability which permits adaptability of study to meet local and specialist needs.
  • Giving specialist options which address the issues of the real capacities in business and permit specialization in light of career development and professional recognition.
  • Giving open doors which support a portion of the learning and understanding required for the pertinent NVQ level 4 units in Accounting, Management, and Business Administration.
  • Giving chances to learners to concentrate on the improvement of larger amount abilities in a business setting.
  • Giving chances to learners to build up a scope of aptitudes and methods and traits basic for effective execution in working life
  • Giving chances to people in work to accomplish a broadly perceived level 4 professionally particular qualification.
  • Giving chances to learners to pick up a broadly perceived professionally particular qualification to enter work in business or advance to advanced education professional qualifications, for example, a full-time degree in business or a related area.

Competitive Advantage of Btech Edecxel:

Btec Edexcel enjoys competitive advantage over the students enrolled directly with any University in Bachelors three or four years’ program. For Instance; If any student studying in a University bachelors program and eager to get a job while continuing his studies, will certainly face difficulty in getting the job, since his education is in progress and he does not have any certificate or diploma to present. He will have to wait for at least three years to get the degree. On the contrary, the student enrolled in BTEC Edexcel program will have the Diploma once he has completed the Level 5 in two years, in addition to that BTEC students will certainly have more knowledge of working environment and changing needs of the corporate sector, as the students in BTEC programs exposed to real life working challenges and targets, and they have been equipped with the skills and aptitudes required to survive and to deal with the scenarios certain to face. Furthermore, BTEC Edexcel courses have been designed with an innovative approach of thinking out of the box and not relying on the traditional orthodox methodology as required by the traditional yearly exam based programs.