About us

When the Global Learning Center (GLC), part of the Iqra Group, was founded, its mission was to provide quality education with economical and affordable fee structures, while also offering students value-added, short and professional courses as well as extra curricular activities. Since then, GLC strives to offer the most unique, globally-recognized and accredited programs, taught by qualified and experienced faculty, to render a solid educational base for our youth.

Over the past fourteen years, our students have attained an incomparable education and progressed into the real world, working with multinational companies, and making it big in the corporate sector. It is our job as deliverers of quality education to ensure a safe and secure future for our students; therefore, effective career counseling services have always been a part of students’ education at GLC. We allocate a considerable amount of time delivering seminars, short-courses, and training programs on areas such as jobs and recruitment, boosting your job profile, and skills that are vital in the job market. Our concentrated focus on job placement has rendered GLC an impressive list of notable alumni.

While GLC offers globally recognized and accredited programs to aspiring learners at various different levels, we aim to be different and unique in delivering the best quality programs, using the latest information technology infrastructure, with a completely unmatched fee structure.

We hope to keep strong the vision and mission of this organization, as we embark upon this journey to build more talented leaders, and instill in them the values and ethics that GLC stands strong for.


Dr. S. M. Tahir